Friday, November 30, 2012

6 Weeks

How time flies. We had our 6 week apt with the midwives. Which was our last. This is how Malachi and I both felt about it.
"I want my midwives!"
At the appointment  Heike held Malachi, who sensed her presence, relaxed, and went to sleep.
She truly is a mommy-in-labor-baby-whisperer-can-you-move-in-next-door-please kind of lady. Makes me want to get pregnant just so I can go see her. But she encouraged us to  stop by anytime to say hi. And since she is near my neurologist who I see in a few weeks, we just might do that.
But most of the time Malachi looks like this:
Which is probably due to the fact that he has become a very rotund  11 lb 13 oz  piglet.  I took him to his 6 week check up. He was 75th percentile for height and weight. And 90-95th for head circumference. So he is a smart piglet too. He passed all the tests with flying colors.
I was a little worried that night, when actually cried at bed time. More like screamed. I tried nursing him. Burping him. Shane walked him, bounced him, talked to him. I was hot and sweaty and afraid he was starting a new phase and my calm little kitten was turning into a grunty, squealy, screaming pig. But finally, he did an enormous poop, nursed, and went to sleep. I changed him between the pooping and nursing. And being that it was almost 3am when all was said and pooped, we slept in until 11:00 the next morning. Fortunately, he has not repeated the episode and we are attempting to get everyone to sleep at a more reasonable time.
Malachi still likes to sleep on someone's chest. Which is great for me. None of  the other kids liked that for too long. But I love knowing I, or Shane, is right next to him all night. I can feed him, hand him  to Shane,  and Malachi wakes up from a sound night's sleep smelling like men's cologne. Everybody wins. And gets sleep.
My snorky little pig is calling for lunch. Which means I should eat something too.

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Kelly said...

Ahhhhh.... such a cutie! Congratulations!