Saturday, July 7, 2012

Short Honeymoon

Unfortunately, not that kind. Though that would describe our honeymoon. Shane's manager would only give him two days off. In the end I suppose we didn't need to spend more vacation money that we didn't have and just get right to setting up house. But I still feel a little sore over it. Especially after his manager got married, I went to the wedding, and took off a month for his honeymoon. I'll get over it.

 Two days was about how long the new washing machine  honeymoon lasted as well. So, apparently, you can't believe everything you read. On Consumer Reports. Or at least not the things I did. I  was very sad, when after washing several loads, I discovered snags in the towels. At first I  thought I just hadn't noticed them before and was being hyper-aware because of the new washer. But then I noticed the newer hand towels with  5 in long strands of looped thread hanging off them. Then Shane's socks started coming out looking like the ends had been caught in a meat grinder.

At first I was reluctant to bring up my concerns to Shane. I really wanted to be happy with them and thought maybe I just needed to do smaller loads. Or use the delicate cycle. Also, I had researched and picked them out on my own so I really wanted  it to have it work out.  I was  afraid to put anything delicate in. Finally I showed him the evidence of abuse and he was supportive of my complaints and not just a big whiner-baby. When I told him the purchase was based on 56 out of 58 5 star reviews, and the  57th came back after getting something replaced and was a pleased 58th costumer he said that was statistically unbelievable and probably a red flag.   Clothes were still coming out looking like they had aged several years in an hour.  So I called up the appliance store, where they had never heard of such a problem before. But offered to send someone out the next day to take a look.

He was very nice and inspected the inside of the drum but could find nothing. Which I already knew, having looked myself. I had saved some of the choicer items to show him what the damage looked like. He turned the towels over a few times. Looked at the tags and said,

"Cheap towels will do this. I mean you can break the fibers. See how easy that is? Here you try it." He said tugging on a fiber until broke. Clothes don't last forever, he explained. Some clothes don't last more than one wash, I thought.

I tried but could not break it like he did.

'Yes, these are cheap towels. They will do this over time. How long have you had these cheap  towels?"

I told him I had found the same  evidence on my expensive bamboo towels, with shorter pile. And on  recently purchased kitchen towels. And that something was obviously chewing them.

I pulled out the socks.

He looked at them.

 He turned them over and asked, I am not making this up,"How old are your socks?"

I was a little taken aback. I thought that was a very impertinent question, having known him for all of 8 minutes and thought of asking how old HIS socks were. I was expecting some diagnostic tests and hopefully a quick fix. I did not invite him in to tell me my towels were cheap and my socks were old.

"I don't know how old they are. But I know as long as I have had them and the towels I have never seen this. "

He asked what washer I had before and suggested I might need to adjust to the different washing mechanism the current machine offered.( I just needed to get used to having my clothes shredded instead of washed and expect I'd need to replace my entire wardrobe every month or so.)

I told him I wanted a machine I did not have to worry about, or baby, and that would not treat my clothes like afternoon snacks.

Finally after much thought he said,

"I don't think you are going to be happy with this machine."

 I was still a little shocked that he was not equally horrified by how my laundry was turning out, and eagerly suggesting alternatives. I  waited for him to suggest some possible remedies, besides getting used to wearing what looked like post-apocalyptic  clothing. I don't know how much he was in a position to offer, just being a repair guy. But he took notes on what I had shown him and said he'd pass it on to Al, the man who sold them to me. And Al would call me today. Nothing yet.

At least I can do  more research on other machines, if indeed my options include returning or ate least trading in the current machine. The website does not list return policies. And fortunately we are having some great weather and were finally justified in setting up the pool-that-kills-the-grass-and makes-the -yard-smell-like-dog-poo, when you finally move it. So the kids are nicely occupied.

Update- Being the patient person I am,  I finally called Al. It sounds like they will work with me to get a new machine sorted out, meaning NOT another Speed Queen. Though he'll have to talk to the manager on Monday. (Why do I feel like I am in a car lot.) I am guessing there will be a re-stocking fee, at least.. Supposedly, I am the first customer who didn't appreciate their clothes being torn to shreds- as a side note, the latest casualties were a skirt of Kateri's- which actually had rips in it- and Pippin's dinosaur towel. Which means back to the drawing board. So if anyone has any recommendation/warnings about any front loaders, please leave a comment. Preferably with a link to your blog so I know you are not a sales rep. Also, what tips you've discovered over the years. Definitely using less soap and adding an extra rinse helped with mine. I just read someone saying using powdered HE soap will fix it. I did not realize they made a powdered one.

Al admitted front loaders will make your clothes last about 60% longer and the new top loaders, that look like front loaders inside, do not get your clothes very clean. He recommended Frigidaire, which he says he personally owns and they have in stock. But again he is a salesman so I take it with a  grain of salt. Maybe I'll let Shane pick the next one.

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The Adventures of Avi said...

Nani...I love your blog posts.

Just want to say, that I've never had a problem with the old top loaders that we get. They're easy to fix and never eat my clothes.