Tuesday, July 24, 2012


Next week my midwife appointments switch to every two weeks, instead of four. I was shocked when she told me. I didn't think I was there already. I will be 29 weeks this Friday. It's funny how it seemed to drag on the first few months, then months  4,5, and most of 6 just disappeared and now I can really think about washing the baby clothes and planning what I want to eat after the baby is born, which will pretty much be everything.

Things have been somewhat busy here so maybe that has helped the time fly by. Kateri's birthday plans are in full swing. She wrote, mostly, invitations for all the neighbor kids and hand delivered them last week. We looked at piƱatas and discussed menu options. I asked Shane for some extra funding for the project and  I think we'll do some shopping this weekend to start prepping. It is the usual 'Mom is really lazy and likes the kind of party where she doesn't have to do much'  so we just announced the time we will be in the cul-de-sac with some colorful fun things and cake/or cupcakes and the neighbor kids( of which there are around 20) can just come and go as they please. I have thought of going a little bigger than last year and maybe putting some balloons in the trees or something. But I do have a midwife apt and the kids have a final swim lesson the day before so I'll see what I am really up for then. Too bad Kateri cannot drive yet.

Today I don't feel up to much. I had a hard time falling asleep last night, even though it was midnight and I had worked a bunch breaking up cardboard boxes before bed. Then Shane started to breath funny, like a very soft kazoo, just enough to let me know I would not be able to ever fall asleep in my bed. But his back has been giving him trouble and I did not want to prod him into moving to a  less noisy, but possibly less helpful position, so I took my pillow and magnanimously moved to the couch. But I'm sweet like that, sometimes, and was careful to not slam the door too loudly.

 Shortly after, Malachi(ai) (which is the baby's current name and has been for awhile so I think it is going to stick. The kids really like it so for now he is Malachi Arcadius-more on that later) was playing soccer all night long. He woke me up multiple times and then for good around 5am, at which point I got hungry and finally got up. I did have three sips of coffee with the strawberry shortcake last night, but really? I don't think he's ever getting sugar, if he's that sensitive, and I should probably just get him a baby treadmill now, given that it will be fall when he arrives and he won't get to see the sunlight until he is 8 months old, so some form of strenuous indoor activity will be in order.

But I'm not tired just from last night, and the pregnancy. All last week, and this, there is something going on every day and just looking at my calendar wears me out. And to make things more exciting I hit a curb and popped my tire last week. While on the way to the girls' horse camp. Fortunately, my mother-in-law came so I could get the girls to camp while she stayed with the boys waiting for AAA to get there. And to make it more fun there was thunder and rain to go with it all. Kateri was a little freaked, but luckily, there was a large driveway just after the curb so we had a safe, cozy waiting place. The tow truck guy made me feel better when he said he'd done the same thing before. My father-in-law not so much when he said I was the only person he knew. And the repair guy not so much either when he reported in addition to a new tire I needed a new strut and strut plate, along with a major alignment job and that 'wow, something hit your car really hard' and then was surprised when I told him it was just running into a curb. I did not say at what speed it happened, but it was a corner, and like I said it was dark and stormy. All the next week we were getting work done on my car and Shane did not take away my license but paid the bill and took me to pick it up. Because he is sweet like that all the time.

Speaking of Shane, I caught him reading my blog last week. Not that there is anything to hide, but in the past I don't think he has been a frequent reader and I usually write like he isn't going to read it. Seriously, if I send him an email, I put what I want him to get out of it in the subject line so he knows if it is urgent or just me saying hi. And then he sometimes skims the rest and then I have to tell him what it said when he gets home. Because he's busy and working hard like that. But now I'll have to take his readership into consideration and probably put in a few more nice things about him. Which, unlike some of the historical fiction I write here, will actually be true.And that might be a nice change.

Malachi is letting me know he has finished with the raisin-nut-bran and is ready for the next course. And I got a call that a package  is coming today so there is that to wait for. I'm swamped. And if I am lucky, maybe a tiny nap.

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