Monday, May 7, 2012


We had a very busy weekend and I am ever more looking forward to finishing up schooling for the year and maybe getting to some yard work. I am so excited yard work sounds appealing because a month ago it sounded impossible and I didn't even care. But with the morning sickness completely gone I find new interests and projects coming into my head and I feel I am getting the energy to actually follow through with them. Which is very good timing because this weekend would have been very different a few weeks ago.

Friday afternoon Shane texted me and asked if I wanted to take the kids to see The Avengers that night. Knowing it was opening weekend and would be really crowded, it was a 2 1/2 hr movie, I had to be at the church at 9:30 for Kateri's First Confession the next morning and that we'd have to scramble to meet him at the 4:20 showtime I still said yes. Three weeks ago I would have just texted him back what I wanted him to bring home for dinner and left it at that.

But he got the tickets, we met him, I stayed awake  the entire movie and we all had a great time. It was very good. It was totally clean, maybe a couple swear words and a tiny bit of blood. And lots of great lines delivered by Robert Downey Jr, who I really like. But I really like funny sarcasm and he is great at that. So we had fun even if we did have to sit in the second row. Then we had to go out to eat because it was after dinner time and we were all starving.

The next morning I took Kateri to her first confession class and confession. I told her she'd have an hour to work with the teachers and then they would get a snack before going into the church. She liked the idea of having snacks with the kids and was happily practicing her prayers the entire drive.It went very well and though she was nervous she took her turn without any fuss. Then she asked when she could go again. I am so proud of her.

Then we raced home to get ready for Cyril's drama class' production of  'A Midsummer Night's Dream'.
I grabbed sandwiches and doughnuts on the way home knowing everyone would need to eat and we had to hurry. It helped mostly. Cyprian was thirsty all through the play but he survived until dinner afterwards. Grandma and Grandpa had taken Cyril to the theater already, which meant Shane and I could drive together. Which is always nice.

Cyril did very well, and even when he forgot some lines he recovered and most people probably didn't even notice. He played Snug, who plays the lion, and he did both roles well. I think comedy is his thing. But he decided not to do drama again this year so maybe we'll just be seeing home productions for awhile.

After the play, we had to celebrate both Cyril and Kateri's accomplishments, so we took Grandma and Grandpa out to dinner. We had to get to bed at a decent time, as early mornings are no small feat for these kids, and Kateri was making her Solemn Holy Communion the next day. It was fun getting her up and dressed and doing her hair, then carefully getting her into the car. Fortunately she likes that kind of thing and never complained once.

We had to skip the group  lunch after confessions on Saturday to get to the play, but I think brunch the next day with Father Josef more than made up for it. She kept talking about how nice Father is and how nice his house is and how they got to have sparkling cider in glass goblets. She loved all the fanfare and processing. And picture taking. We kept having to remind her to pay attention all through Liturgy because when she caught my or grandma's eye she would sit and grin and basically act like a model until we motioned to her to turn around. She likes cameras too.

Grandma and Grandpa had things to do, but even after brunch Kateri was not done celebrating. And the rest of us had only snacked, so we stopped at a cafe for more brunch. Finally, I made dinner that evening and realized I had not cooked the entire week-end, until then. But everything felt very festive and special to the kids, which it should. We will have to have another party for Mother's Day, and Grandma's birthday, and the end of classes. But eventually things will calm down. And then Shane and I are going away for a couple nights, for a belated Christmas and 14th Anniversary celebration, which until now I was not feeling well enough to enjoy. But this timing works out perfectly.

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