Sunday, April 15, 2012

Because, You Know, It's Been Awhile

We had a fabulous Easter, with amazing weather, great food, great company, and I can't take credit for any of it. Meaning I did not do any work. My sister called up and suggested she bring the party to my house, as I was still spending most of the day in bed. So, of course, I said yes. Shane got the kids cleaning the house, my mother-in-law stuffed 90some eggs and made Easter baskets for the kids before heading out to visit the cousins in other parts of the state and beyond, and I just lay in bed.

Sunday, my sister and her husband brought over all kinds of yummy treats and grilled in the amazing weather. Tirzah remarked this was Jack's(7) first Easter where an outdoor egg hunt was possible. For being early April, it really was unbelievable. So was the fruit salad she made, and the chicken skewers, and I guess the wine. Still tastes like vinegar to me.

The kids were very excited to be together finally. And then Tirzah invited her brother-in-law over, and Shane's brother and girlfriend called and said they were coming too, so we ended up having a real party, complete with a bonfire and flaming dessert. Actually, it was just an almond cake that Shane decided needed be doused with Bacardi and set afire. It was better before the roasting, but luckily we had already eaten most of it.

I did not take any pictures, but when my sister puts hers up on her blog you can check them out there. One of my favorite parts was the egg hunt. I think all together we had around 150 eggs so it was great we had so many adults to help hide them. A few golden eggs were filled with handfuls from the change jar, and one special egg . I set that one aside and gave it to Shane.. He shook the egg and said

"There's nothing in it."

"Shh. There's a 5 dollar bill. Hide it carefully."

He hid it very carefully and when most of the others were picked up and put in baskets, it had not been found. Not one to be patient, Shane finally started giving hints about 'northwest corners and  elevation and some riddle that sounded Squirrel Nutkinish'. The kids kept running around like' Oh, now I know where to look.'  And Shane kept egging them on with "Come on. It's still out there. 5 dollars could be yours. You'd better hurry."  As if they were not frantic enough.

 Finally Audrey, no surprises here, looked up in the branches of the big cedar tree and pulled down the golden egg. There was much rejoicing and laughing and we all said it had been a great hunt. Audrey opened her egg to reveal her prize and found, stickers. Only stickers.

Shane looked at me. I looked at Shane. Both knowing the other person must have gotten it mixed up. Except he's probably right and I gave him the wrong egg. So then he announced that someone already had the golden prize, so the kids started tearing through their baskets opening eggs. Cyprian pulled out another golden egg, cracked it open, then his face lit up with surprised delight and he held up the $5 bill.

Jack high-fived Pippin, we all had a good laugh, decided the egg hunt could not have been more entertaining, and Shane promised to give Audrey a new prize, as she had located the difficult egg.

The rest of our week went well and each day I felt increasing amounts of energy and normalcy. I got the kids to their swimming and music lessons and washed some dishes. There was still a bit of resting in between activities but on the whole, I was feeling like things were in an upward trend.

And then this morning, Cyprian threw up. At 5 this morning, meaning I have been up scrubbing and cleaning  since then and will probably go back to bed when Shane is up to take over. Which is right now.

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