Friday, February 18, 2011

Lone Star

Shane had business trip to Austin in October, so we decided to extend it a couple days and take a little vacation. I found out what I was pretty sure I already knew. I really like Texas. I liked the geography, I liked the people, and it being October, I liked the weather. And Shane's family having come from there, I felt like we were exploring family history. Only, they were not from Austin.  Matador was too far a drive. But we did see streets and towns with family surnames and I'd love to go and explore more. Someday. At dinner the first night, the waiter told us about some local wineries so the next morning we headed out to the Hill Country try them. Or as many as we could, which turned out to only be two.

This was at Woodrose Winery. It was our second stop and we were very pleased to also sample some meats and cheeses. This one would be so pretty at night with the trees all lit up, and if/when we go again we'll definitely re-visit.
This was Becker Vineyards. I loved all the wood. And the wine was good too. It tasted very much like Texas- big, meaty, and not so formal as to make you feel under-dressed. We got a couple bottles at both wineries. There were a lot more to visit, but they will also have to wait until next time.
We went to San Antonio for a day, walked along the river, and had lunch a little cafe.

One night we got to witness a bi storm, complete with thunder and lightning. The streets were all turned into rivers, with the wind pushing the water up the streets. It was very cozy.

But all the days were sunny and nice.
The last night we ate here. Just as we were coming out, the bats started their evening migration. We were told it is the biggest bat migration in the northern hemisphere. It was pretty amazing how the the long black ribbons just kept coming, and coming. We got to see them every night, but somehow, I never had my camera, until this night.

Not a very good picture, but it was the last opportunity we had so I was glad to at least get one.

Of course we visited the Alamo, which was neat, but sad.

And it wouldn't be a complete post without some tasty picture- really the tastiest eggs Benedict  we've had. So far. But I'll have to do some more research to make sure. I did not get a picture and am going to work on copying the fabulous creamed corn brulee we had with dinner. Two times.

All in all, it was lovely trip, the only hiccup was when I realized as we pulled into the airport, that I had left the girls' gifts in the dresser drawer. Fortunately, other people plan for these things and when I called, the hotel said they'd FedEx them to the following day. We found some stand-ins  at the airport, and the girls had a package to look forward to. So it worked out.

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