Thursday, December 3, 2009

Deck The Halls- or Anyone Can Decorate

I know I'm not a decorator. My Spartan rooms and bare walls are a testimony to the fact that I lack much vision for artistically arranging pretty much anything, and I accept that. But today I decided that to take our minds off the loss of Draca, we would decorate the kids' rooms for Christmas. And I thought it would ease the move back into their bedrooms, which I think everyone taking care of the kids this week will appreciate.

And I figured with pine garlands and white lights, how hard could it be? We put on some Christmas music and I set to work untangling the lights from last year. After 15 min I looked and had about 3 feet of usable lights. Not to be discouraged I kept untwisting away, Kateri keeping me company. The other kids got bored and went away. But armed with my light strand, some nails-sorry Shane- and a garland I nailed and twisted my way to a Candy Cane Lane Masterpiece.

And when I was done, I stepped back and realized, I was right. I'm horrible at this.

The picture is a little blurry, but that actually improved the look as you can't see extra wires and such sticking our here and there. Not to be discouraged, I descended on Kateri's room. I decided to forgo the garland as it was really time consuming, and prickly. But the strand was a little long for just her window and after wrapping it back and forth a few times I still had a big wad of twinkling lights. I thought, duh, make a wreath of lights. So I scrunched them up, added another nail- sorry again, Shane-and I was done.

Kateri took one look and declared it looked "all tangled". Then she ran and threw herself face down on our bedroom floor, crying. Putting the beds back together is next on my list. I'm not sure what she had envisioned but I'd think any little girl would be excited to have Christmas lights on their walls. I might even do my room next.

She got over it and I comforted her with the knowledge that Grandma and Auntie Courtney, who have very good taste and very generous hearts, are going to help decorate next week. She was a little consoled and I think tonight when she gets in bed and sees the sparkly lights she'll be pleased. At least long enough to fall asleep in her own bed.

I can't take credit for this one. Kateri decided put up the banister garlands by herself. I think it kind of gives the look of a jungle Christmas or an abandoned building being explored by Indian Jones. Or something like that. So far no one has tried swinging Tarzan style from the balcony, and I took down the long piece that stretched all the way across the banister, threatening to clothesline Shane on his way down in the morning. I did envision it happening- see I have some vision, and it was really funny, but I thought it was in the Christmas spirit to take it down. And I think that might make up for all the nail holes.

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