Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Summer is officially here

This is the second day of sunny weather and though yesterday started out cloudy I actually got hot weeding the yard. Shane mowed and started work on the fence and I am so excited to be able to plan and make the yard cozy. We've been working on cleaning out the garage- I was able to park in it yesterday and it is still there today. I sort of started it by wanting to see if a pool table would fit and where it would go. Two trips to the dump and some organizing later we discovered a concrete floor. I keep wondering where all this stuff comes from and how I can stop it from multiplying. We still have some items to craigslist which at this point I am ready to give away just so I can have space. Or maybe trade for a pool table.

Pippin loves Curious George. It is fitting as he is very monkeyish himself. In looks and manner. We got him a stuffed one and he told me monkey had a poop and proceeded to get a diaper to fix it.

The kids are enjoying the weather and I am happy to be outside and grilling and not cold and wet every time I step out the door. I can see moving to a nicer climate and having weather like this all the time. It is great for the kids to not be cooped up for so many months. And if I ever missed cold and snow I could go somewhere for a break where I was sure to actually get some. Not just chance of mixed with rain. Shane took Cyril with him kiteboarding on Friday and Cyril had fun playing on the beach and finding crabs. Shane ordered a wetsuit for him and is going to start taking him body dragging in the water. I am thinking of trying it myself. I don't think I'll get hooked and somebody has to watch the kids, but at last I'd like to try. It is really good for Cyril to have special Papa time and I think it will be really good for his self confidence. I was surprised he wanted to go knowing he would be on the beach by himself. He cam home excited and eager to tell about how many crabs he'd found. It will also help give him somewhere else to focus his energies- besides teasing his sisters and hopefully he will find it more satisfying to be riding across the water than making the girls scream. One hopes.

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