Tuesday, May 22, 2007

More Pictures.....

Kateri and Jack had some pretty rough times getting along and every once in a while it was good to let them have some time away from each other. One day they we realized we had not heard from either of them in some time. Usually we just listened for the screams and knew where they were in the house and they were alive. N0ticing the silence we got worried and went to find them. Aaron discovered them in their bathroom. Upon being found Kateri hightailed it out of the room and Jack started crying. Aaron looked into the bathtub and found they had loaded all Tirzah and Aarons's clean laundry into the bathtub and then squirted toothpaste on top. After removing the clothes Tirzah discovered they had first dumped Jack's new bottle of shampoo all over the tub floor. It was good because we were nearing the end of the sick period and were running out of laundry. And something had to keep us from playing Scrabble. I am sure it was Kateri's idea. She is usually the instigator and gets Jack to go along with her brilliant schemes. At least they were getting along.
On one of our outings we went to Roanoke Island and the Queen Elizabeth Gardens. It was raining but Shane decided we should go ahead with the walk. Luckily, they had umbrellas. So we strolled down the soggy paths looking like giant mushrooms. But at least we were dry. Cameron opted to explore the fort from lost colony which turned out to be a big pile of dirt with a plaque reading "We don't actually know where the fort was so we made this pile of dirt in memoriam". I think ours was the better choice.
For lunch we found a restaurant called "Big Al's" which turned out to be a big mistake. The wait ended up being 45 min for a table and then another 30 min until we got some food. Cyprian was tired of being still and had to be walked until food came. Kateri at least was occupied with the disco ball and dance floor and entertained the rest of us by watching her spin around and around and trying to guess when and where she was going to fall. To top it all off the food was not worth the wait and not very suitable for recovering stomachs. We will put that one on our do not repeat list for sure.

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