Thursday, December 6, 2012

Can You Hear Me Now?

Tomorrow I get my 'when it works for me' MRI. It was supposed to be in April, but go cancelled due to more important things. Or a person, I should say. I had the neurologist apt still scheduled for December. Seeing it was getting close, last month I called the office to see if I should get an MRI on the books as well. First I called the office.  But no one answered so I left a message with my questions. A week later, not having heard back,  I called them. And tried to leave a message with the receptionist. The words seem to have gotten through and I was told they'd get back to me the next day. A few days later, when I remembered, I gave them a call back.

It seemed like my request was new to them.

" I have an appointment with Dr. S next month. I was supposed to have an MRI in April but I didn't because I was pregnant. I want to know if she would like me to have one now, and if so, I'd like to schedule it so the results are in before my appointment with her. Also, I don't want the gadolinium this time, as I am breastfeeding, so would she still want me to have one?"

A few days went by. Finally, someone called.

"Yes, she'd like to go ahead and schedule the MRI. Breastfeeding is not a problem. Most women just pump and dump for 24 hrs after the MRI. "

"I don't want the gadolinium. Does she want me to have the MRI if I don't get the contrast?"

The next day,

"Yes we can schedule the MRI. The contrast isn't knows to be an issue, but just to be sure they recommend you wait 24 hrs before breastfeeding to make sure it is all cleared out of your system."

"NO", I said, trying to be really clear. "I don't want the gadolinium. I want the MRI. Do I need to get an order from the doctor or can I just call and schedule it myself?"

"So you don't want the contrast?"


"OK, I'll let the Dr know your feelings on that and get back to you."

Eventually it came out that, yes, the Dr did want to go ahead so I scheduled for tomorrow. The clinic called to confirm the appointment this morning and gave me a check in 30 min before the actual scan. I am going to just leave the baby at home with Shane so don't want to spend any extra time in the waiting room. I asked if I could come later. She said there will be some paperwork to fill out. I asked if they could email it to me and I can come with it filled out. She said I'd need a little time to get changed. I told her I knew what to wear I'd come in the appropriate attire, which honestly at this point only requires switching out a nursing bra for a sports bra. Sweat pants and a stretchy is all I wear these days. She said just show up 5-10 min before the scan.

And even though I might only be gone for an hour, I pumped a bottle, just in case. Which Kateri is super excited to give it  to Malachi. I suspect even if he is sleeping and content she might just 'accidentally' wake him up so she can feed him.

I won't know the results until next week when I see the neurologist, but getting it done tomorrow there will be time for the radiologist to look at and compare last year's scans and write up a report. The neurologist appointment happens to be on my birthday. My very first neurologist appointment was 22 yrs ago, one week before my birthday so I guess it is in keeping with the birthday/neurologist pattern. I think I'll have Shane take me and Malachi to see Skyfall later that day or something more birthdayish.

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