Tuesday, June 5, 2012

We're having a boy!

We had the ultra sound yesterday. By we, I mean the whole family plus Grandma. The kids we're super excited to find the sex of the baby. I wanted to know how baby was developing ,where the placenta was, and how it was doing. Everything is just fine. And of course I was curious about the sex too. We still have not settled on  a name but at least we know where to focus now.

Definitely a boy. It was strange, but the rest of the day I felt super excited for a boy and wondered how I would have felt had it been a girl. Then I realized it was not so much which gender the baby was, but the fact that we got to see the baby healthy and growing. I think because the early pregnancy was so different from the others, and then I had some bleeding, and remembering Kateri's short cord and placenta issues I have been stressed about how things were going and maybe a little reluctant to have expectations that the pregnancy would result in a baby I could hold. I know it sounds silly, and nothing is ever for sure in life, but that is the only explanation I can some up with for the new found excitement and relief I felt after the ultrasound.

Baby was in a very cozy spot, head down, and no amount of tossing, turning, jumping jacks could get him to reposition. So the best profile shot we could get is the above. But they were able to get most of the measurements they wanted of the head and all of the limbs and organs and everything looks good and on schedule. He was ok showing off his boy parts, so that was a bonus.

Last week, Shane and I got so spend some time here. Two night, actually. Which was fabulously relaxing and de-stressing.
We had breakfast by the window watching the falls,
And by the roaring fire. It was cozy to have the weather be misty and cool for our stay and made the feather beds and blankets that much more appreciable.
We spent some time in the spa and got massages. Actually, we got two. The second day the masseuse said my back was still pretty tight. Which just confirms my thoughts on having massages be my new therapy. Now if I could get overnight and breakfast thrown into the Rx I'd be all set. And I'd need an escort, so make that for two. We could go twice a month, and it would stll be less than the 40K a year shots.


Kayleena said...

Congratulations! I can't wait to hear the name you pick out. I'm sure it will be more complicated with so many opinions :)

we LOVE Salish. You are so lucky to get to go there. We stayed there the night after our honeymoon. I loved the rooms and the view and everything. We only had breakfast there so I can't comment on the food, but what you had looks amazing! We can't really afford to stay there again for a while, but some day....

Briana said...

We're still working on names. The kids are having fun weighing in as well. At least we have a few more months. We stayed at the Salish for the first time for our 10th anniversary and have been back for a few subsequent ones. The deal Costo has- which is what Shane gave me-is a really good one. We haven't discussed what to do this anniversary, but with a 2 month old we will probably explore other options.