Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Going Dark

Or whatever it is that Jack Bauer does on occassion. Or, I've come across some new and interesting reasearch and I might be consumed with tracking down articles and such and might not be updating things here as often as I'd like.
Surprisingly, this was all the result of my last dr visit and my eventual decision to not take any of the drugs right now. Except for the LDN. Reading a bit more of the risks and not feeling quite desperate enough to try them helped a bit too. As did the latest news story I read suggesting MS may have a very different cause than what all the drugs are predicated on. An MS Drug shirt would say "The immune system is evil and must be punished' or rather killed. My brother in law had a shirt with a similar saying only it was liver that needed punishing. It was a drinking shirt, needless to say. Well I like my liver and my immune system so I'm not taking either drug. And then this morning I read this article:
Which suggests the cascade of events leading up to demylenation may actually begin with astrocytic necrosis induced by anti-aquaporin-4 antibodies. And not necessarily the result of the immune system turning cannibalistic and eating all the myelin. The cannibal part sounds ok but astrocytic necrosis clearly wins the day in cool, freaky terms. So I'm going with that one. The recent findings, although there have been some similar  Japanese studies earlier, was done by Dr Prineas, whom I've read about before. So I liked that.
Anyway, I might not update for the next couple days. Or shower. Or cook. Luckily the kids love and fight over the new vacuum cleaner so I know the rugs will get cleaned. And we'll get our schoolwork done too. But otherwise I think I'll be consumed with reading more about the new research. I'll get to see Dr M in November, and that will be fun. But it is  a ways off. Especially when I have something exciting I want to discuss. Or maybe I'll hire Audrey to keep things up to date here. I think that's what I'll do.

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